Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oct 24 2010 Sunday

So much for photos. I think people who work computers well receive special blessings from a Saint that I haven't found yet. Maybe Saint Abby from NCIS.

Wanted to share the Danville Artist Street Fair from yesterday with photos but ....they disappeared.

Today was quiet except for Peppermint over attentiveness this morning. Not sure if it was because of the rain or that he knows I'll be leaving again.

The Fair yesterday was so much fun. The big white tents, talking to the dealers, all the people with dogs, children dressed up for Halloween, merchants handing out trick or treats to the children, the over cast sky, And dogs, dogs, dogs......All well mannered and behaved.

Never got tired during the walk as so much to see and people to talk to. Only thing I saw that I would have bought if not so expensive was a frog reading a book.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

October 20,'10 Walk

Wanted to go for a walk yesterday. First thought of Central Park. But we always go there. Then I thought about the small Dublin cemetery. So I asked Daryl if he would like to go and he said yes. We stopped at Cost Plus in Pleasanton first. They are having a big sale. Besides I just like to walk through that store and see all their unusual items. I did end up buying a wind catcher....round top and long strands of bright colored thin ribbons. It is now hanging in the tree outside my bed room window. The wind is playing with it. Daryl found a witch and some other small items.

Then on over to the Cemetery. Trees not changing color very fast this year. Large OLD tress in this Cemetery. I walked the flat path and since we seem to come here more often names are beginning to be familiar. Some graves do get visitors as there where gifts not just of flowers but pumpkins. That made me smile. If graves are visited there are still people close who remember them.

As we left I turned an gave a last look and said I'll be back.

The cemetery, to me, was a much more quiet and restful walk and visit than the large perfect park.

The weather was comfortable as it was not too hot nor too cold. But not really a fall feeling yet. I suddenly felt like a Root beer Float. Daryl said 'Wendy's'.....yep. So we stopped and went in and enjoyed a peaceful Float. Not crowed, just a few people.

Then I mentioned stopping at a Thrift Store. Not that I was looking for anything but just fun to look. Went to the one in Danville as their prices are more reasonable and they seem to have more variety of items. I did find a Tape of Duets by Frank Sinatra. And only one dollar. So my day was complete. Daryl found some books and other small items.

So this was a lovely October Day for a Walk and Shop.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Foggy Saturday Morning 9/18/10 in Concord

Yesterday is blank. Didn't feel well all day. Did go to Anna's Attic. We get there a half hour before they open and watch the people arrive. They always get out of their cars and walk up to the window and look inside, then try the front door but they don't open until ten am. Some people come to drop items off, they are let in.

Stopped at the Dollar store as this one is nicer than ours. Picked up some more 4x6 cards for my photo books that I have started as an art project. I tell you about that later. I brought some with me so I could make one to take with me to St Charles. They are my inspiration.

Traded beds with Mark last night and slept better. In fact feeling really good this morning. The fog has brought cooler air as I don't do too good in hot days. He got up early with Gordon and Bella so I slept in until seven.

Had found a book at library that I thought was a Agatha Christy mystery but it was just Agatha in the title, "Agatha Raisin and the Terrible Tourist" by MC Beaton. English lady detective so close. It is 5x7 paperback and LARGE PRINT. A comfortable book to hold and read. Went to bed early last night and read half of it. Not one I would recommend but just an easy read.

Yesterday at Anna's Attic found a book, but not the purse I was looking for, "Poems of Joy", poems of inspiration and lovely paintings.

Now today my object is to work on projects I brought. Making the book I mentioned already and addressing and put into the mail.....a card to Chris' new granddaughter, and a card to Chris' son and daughter in law and a birthday to my sister, Lari. Lari keeps telling me she is going to jump out of an airplane on her upcoming 89th birthday and asking if I will do that too. NOOOOO way!!!!

And I want to finish this book and I have four more to read and I can drop them off at Clayton Library before I leave here.

Also today is first day of a 100 day project from the internet on how to make goals work. More about that later.

I think of September as my New Year and love enjoying the whole month as being mine. But this year it is just going too fast. I don't feel in control of it. It is sweeping me along.

Three jobs this month....Taylors', my friend Chris, and next week my friend Jill in St Charles. ALL three are my favorites. So I am not complaining.

Oh, heard from Chris yesterday and it was raining in Seattle. Don't know why she was surprised as it always rains in Washington. smile Also heard from John David in Alaska as I wrote and asked him about weather up there this time of year and he said it was "nippy" as fall was fast approaching. It was August in 1993 that I was in Alaska on 17 day cruise and the weather was perfect.

Not to work.....I'll be back.....

Thursday, September 16, 2010

On the job in Concord.....September 16, 2010

Mark woke me up this morning at four am. He just has to turn on the light in my bedroom and that is a gentle awaking. I enjoy waking up slow. Need to be at work at six am. Had coffee and left over brownie from last night. Last sweet for a while. The scales threw a few bad numbers last few days.

Received a call from the Pet Sitting agency with a job from client I sat for last spring. October 8 through Oct 11th. I'll be back by then from St. Charles. I called her back at five this morning and said I could do this.

Chris and Lee were up when Mark and I got here at 5:55 AM. Chris has a new hair do and it is beautiful. Lee was reading the morning paper. Chris had sticky notes every where and I love that. Appreciate too much information than not enough. Chris is so efficient. Gordon had greeted us when we rang the bell with his happy bark. Bella was right there too waiting to investigate us and all things we brought. Cats are so different from anyone else. Pepper came in the house before we left home and checked to see what was going on and then left when we did.

Chris said they had planned on picking up their daughter and son in law as they are going on this trip along with Chris' brother and his wife. But Chris said Rachal called to say they would just meet them at airport as they had four suitcases. This for a ten day cruise to Alaska.

They left as planned at six thirty. I unpacked, sheets and put on our beds, books I brought to read two novels and 2 non fiction, and set up lap top. Went outside....the pool is clear as glass too bad I don't swim. I enjoy sitting by pool anyway.

At nine thirty drove over to Anna's Attic....thrift store. Looking for a purse for trip to St Charles next week. Wanted an outside zipper pocket, zipper main section, and over the head strap. They had lots of purses but not that one. She said to come back tomorrow as they get things in every day. I did find a cap like I wanted in case it is cold back in the mid west. It has San Francisco on is a carpenters union label. But the cap is black and fits perfectly. I got it.

Stopped at Lucky's grocery store and got food for next three days. Frozen pot pies, a bag of bananas for $1.49, some fresh veggies to snack on, a fried chicken, bread and baloney for sandwiches, milk, cereal, think that was about all....oh, cranberry juice.

Got back and Gordon was all happy to see us and wiggled all over as he gets a treat when his family goes away and comes back. Bella came and checked us out again and walked off with her tail straight up in the air. Now they are taking a nap and so is Mark. I'm ready for nap also. the Hills are so beautiful here and look so close. Well, they are close. And I can see a few while skinny clouds in the sky approaching . I'll check in later after nap....

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Prime Time for seniors

With the little time and extra effort on me that made a difference yesterday at Prime Time. I walked in the door and the guy who greets you (the father of Billys friend) saw me and said first thing.....we are having meat loaf today. Ha ha I complained so much in the past about the food and said I loved American Food like Meatloaf....the squeaky wheel gets the attention.

I had decided before I got there to change my seating. You can sit anywhere you want. Eight to a table and beautifully decorated. I'd enclose photo if I knew how. This was the once a month Happy Birthday for Septembers BD's. Fourteen of us.

Stopped by the refreshment table for coffee. They have fresh fruit and sweets and coffee, tea.

The table I first saw was with these two gentlemen and I stopped and said, "Have you been sitting here since last spring?" They always sit in the same place and always look the same. They smiled and said 'Yes". Anyway they invited me to share their table so I did. I asked where they were born, what month was their BD, and they were friendly. I said my BD was in September and I came to the party to celebrate. The one gentleman leaned forward and asked me "How old are you?" Age gives you privileges. I told him 81. He thought I looked pretty good for that age and that he was 79.

Then a young man who is a caretaker for one of the regulars that come here stopped by. I've talked to him before. He is from the Philippine Is. Has a college degree in accounting. His brother sponsored him to get into this country. He is a delight to talk to. I had encouraged him the first time we met to keep a journal. And we have talked about this each time we met. He says he does keep one now. He has lived in other countries. Sorry I can't remember the one he just mentioned as it was in Europe but not one I could image anyone wanting to go live in. I'll ask again when I see him again. Any way he sat down next to me and the two other gentlemen and we all talked light talk. He inquired if I ever ask people what church you belong to. As I do talk to strangers. I said no. I don't feel any one church is the 'only' church. All religions offer something and God just happens to have a different name. He smiled and said he felt that way too. So we talked for a while about that.

He really impresses me. Always dressed casual but well groomed. He moves around the room and talks to others. So friendly. Not sure what age but probably forty. Older I get the harder it is to guess anyones age. smile. These caretakers who come with their companions are well trained I learned. They know CPR, and know how to be a practical nurse. Also cook. He is always interesting to talk to. Not just because his life is interesting but he shows interest and asks questions. So anyway another caretaker, a young woman, and her ward joined our table.

Changing tables yesterday was a good idea. I had always sit with Elvira Lynn and when she was no longer coming I just stayed at the same table. And the same people were very nice and we all knew each other so didn't seem to need to look for others. Or no reason to change tables. But change is good once in a while.

Saw Candy and she told me the St Raymond church had started up the five dollar Friday night Fish Fries up again. She is so friendly. She had fallen and had a bad bruise on her face. Also stopped and talk to Bobbie, she was in the Grandmothers club and good friend of Elvira. Saw and chatted with others. Visited the Free table. Some books but small print so I have lost interest in some books. Did pick up two frames, 4x6. I did pick up the Sept 2010 issue of Sunset. Gave it to Mark. Got my Blood Pressure and the nurse said how good it was. 115/67 and Pulse 76 So I guess I'm still alive.

The two gentlemen got up and said they had the job of putting water on all the tables just before the food was served. One pushes the cart and the other places the water.

The food was served at twelve. There was no entertainment yesterday. The Meatloaf and mashed potatoes with gravy was delicious and then for dessert Angel Food Cake with ice cream and one beautiful Strawberry on top.

The tables all have fresh flowers on them and at the end the birthday people were give them to take home. Usually a number is drawn 1 through 8 and the winning number gets the flowers.

You of course picked me up which I appreciate. But I may see about taking the bus this winter. If I keep going.

Monday, June 21, 2010

First Day of Summer

June 21, 2010 First Day of Summer.

Instead of being deep into a book I'm starting to clear out my clothes closets. Yes, there are two. And both full. I love just wearing the one and same thing day in and day out so why do I have closets full of clothes I don't wear? My book collection is still in the lead of the clothes. More books than clothes.

Shakespeare was so right when he said "Parting is such sweet sorrow...." even of old clothes. Each as a memory. When I was a child I remember Summer meant getting a big box out of the side closet and it was like getting a whole new wardrobe. Oh what fun and my Mother somehow made it all so special. Summer clothes came out at the end of school and winter cloths came out before school started. Who ever heard of buying new clothes every season.

Summers were spent at Indian Lake, Ohio. Most of the time I was with my Uncle Randolph and Great-grandmother Nanny. Some week ends my Grandmother and her husband, Joe, came up and some times my Mother and Step-father, Chester would visit. My Uncle owned the cottage. It had four rooms, three bedroom and one kitchen, the front porches were our living rooms. all the same size and no ceilings. With no ceilings sometimes my Grandmother, Audrey, would take a roll of toilet paper and in the dark at night throw it over into the next room just to be funny. You like pillow fights....try a toilet paper fight between adults and a child. Which reminds me there was only one electric light hanging down from the ceiling in the center of the four rooms. Also the cooking stove was made of Iron, a flat top stove my great grandmother was in charge of. There were four openings you could lift out the round top holed to put more firewood into or a chunk of coal to make heat to cook with. When we first get to the cottage Nanny, my great grandmother, would tell me to go gather wood to start the fire from a woods next door.

Oh, the very first thing when we arrived in town of Lake View, Ohio, (it was 50 miles from our home) where our cottage was located, we stopped at the ice plant and picked up ice to put into the big ice box that set on the back porch of the cottage. There we put food to keep cool. There were signs in those days you put out where the ice man could see them and depending which way you turned the sign you could get 25, 50, or a 100 lbs of ice delivered right into your ice box. This was true at home not just the cottage.

In summer that was so much fun for all kids, me included. The ice wagon was pulled by a horse. When the ice man stopped we would wait until he chopped the ice into size that was wanted and take it into the house and then we could run up to the wagon and pick up the broken pieces of ice to eat. Summer was a time of fun. Outdoor fun mostly.

Two large porches stretching across the front and back of the cottage. An enclosed outside toilet was located on the back porch. I remember when you sit down on the seat it would flush and keep flushing until you got up again. I never like that toilet. Plus there just might be a spider in a corner.

Another thing about this cottage, by the way it had a name printed on the front, PLEASANT HOURS. And they were always pleasant hours. I was always sick all winter, but the cottage was magic, don't remember ever, ever being sick when there.

The cottage had the worse tasting drinking water in the rotten eggs mixed with iron. Or was it sulfur?

The two porches were screen in. This was mosquito country. Both porches had large wooden
swings. I could lay across and put my foot on the chain and push to make the swing move back and forth and read my comic books.

Uncle Randolph and I would hunt night crawlers after a rain out in the mud with a big lantern. They lay next to each other. Randolph would grab one and I'd get the other one. Great for fishing bate the next day.

At noon every day a LOUD siren would go off. The fire department was a volunteer group. And this was their siren. I guess they were testing every day. But only at noon.

Wish Daryl was home as I think maybe I should start over and put more order to this rambling.

I'm new at this and just wanted to get my thoughts down before I forget again. If I have to put everything into order I probably never write here at all.

If anyone has suggestions for me I'm open.......

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Back to my books.......and a little rest.

May 11, 2010 Tuesday

Just recovering from my trip out of this world. Eleven days "Pet Sitting" some call it work but this one was so different. Three of the cutest doggies I've been set for. And a house with a view that was constantly changing. So much sky. Best thing about these doggies were that they made me laugh. So cute and funny at the same time. Super intelligent.

I never left the house once. But now home for a week and that seems perfect too. A Lovely view out of every window of my home. And surrounded by my Books and things I love.

Needed a few days to rest up and get back into the real world.

And what am I reading during this intermission? A book of Poems by Ted Kooser. "Delights & Shadows" . What caught my attention was a title of a poem in this book, Old Cemetery....wasn't what I thought it would be but now I've read it over several times and now I love it. It starts out
"Somebody has been here this morning
to cut the grass, coming and going unseen......"

and the last three lines are.....

"and then the hear the soft ticking of weeks
springing back, undeterred in the lane
that leads nowhere the dead want to go."

I have caught on to the way this poet thinks and now enjoying each and every one of his thoughtful and beautiful poems. Only 84 pages. This was published 1904. Ted Kooser, Poet Laureate of the United States received the Pulitzer Prize for Delights & Shadows. He has a 'genius for making the ordinary sacramental." Added on last page of the book and not part of the poems...The Chinese character of poetry is made up of two parts: "word" and "temple"

I have a huge stack from the library waiting to be read or perused by me.

But I have fifteen days of sitting ahead of me.......guess what I'll be doing!!

It rained and was a stormy day first day home and I loved it. My kind of weather.

This is May but not what I think of as May weather. The sun is shinning today, there is a healthy breeze blowing but it is chilly.

Better to have too much to do than noting to do.

Wish I could include my favorite shots of the last 11 days on here.

Better get at lease a little done ......

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April Showers Bring May Flowers...

And today we are having April Showers with some left over March wind. Love it. My kind of day!

Went to Prime Time today. It is a senior group that meets in a church on Tuesday mornings. Been going there over ten years. Off and on. Live entertainment this morning.....a senior group of tap dancers in full customs Very short skirts on the ladies and I envied their lovely legs. And no one signs of any pain or aging except for their 'grandmother' faces. They changed three different times and were on for an hour. At one point an alarm went off and the lights also went out. I said, "We're being raided."......but there is a Christian School here and they were having a fire drill. Be the time we were told what was going on it was too late to get out of the building if there had been a fire so they told us to stay seated.

Joined a group playing Mahjong and I asked if I could sit and watch. First thing I knew I was playing. It is a fun game. Like cards but with tiles and different markings. Two men, both really funny and lively and a lady who has been my friend for a long time. I didn't win but will play again.

Had lunch and went home. Was still raining. Daryl picked me up.

Saw my California Golden Poppies as we drove up to the house. They where curled up and sleeping. I got the message. I went in and went to bed and watched news on tv until I fell asleep.

So goes my lovely day.

My new client called today and I was to met her tomorrow and pick up the key to her house at 5:30 but she had called to ask me if we could meet at nine am instead. Better for me. So will do that tomorrow.

Daryl told me today that Billy, grandson, is planning to visit from Ireland in May. That s exciting news. And also my nephew is coming over for a bar b que in May and we will share more family history with him. And another pet sitting job the last week in May.

So when do I have time to work on family history and tell my stories. When I'm working, of course, on lap top. Love the fact we know my great great grandmother traveled with five children from Virginia to West Virginia right after the Civil War all alone in a covered wagon.

Also am planning on starting a notebook with a page for each relative and making notes when I remember something about them and just keep adding. I try to remember their birthdays each year and try to celebrate and remember them.

My Life History will be titled "I've Always Lived With Strangers".

now to get busy..........

Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm Blue All Day Monday.........

Think I will put today on the back burner.......Bill paying day is not my favorite time.

And I'm getting ready for my wonderful 11 job in San Ramon.

So busy me.............


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Some Sunday Morning I'm going to.......

Is it still April? Somehow this month is vague and far away . Keep thinking it is May. Even with the April showers.

There is NOTHING more exciting to me than a BOOK. This morning while going through my library books to check and see if anything due back......I came to the bottom of the stack ..... this was the largest sized book so only reason it was on the bottom. "How I Write, The Secret Lives of Authors Edited by Dan Crowe. No picture on the white cover just the title and on the left side a long list of authors. Turned it over and on the white cover it has "Read me!" Inside fly cover, "I had a close look at my desk just now and realized that it just wasn't designed for quality writing." Franz Kafka's diary, 24 December 1910

My poor, over populated, desk isn't designed for anything.

Each page I turned was grabbing me. Short essays by authors with photos of the object they are telling about that inspires them to write. I come to the center of the book and who jumps out at me???? Frank Sinatra! The last person, or picture, I expected to see. It is Mr Sinatra's 'in the wee small hours' album The writing on the page across from it is by author Neil LaBute and why this inspires him.

Talk about getting excited. WOW. Made my day. Now I'm awake.

Love BOOKS. All kinds. When I have time I will catalyze my types of books. Too much energy to do it right now. Need to be calm .

This book brought to my mind the time I was in London. Visited one of Charles Dickens' homes and in an empty room was HIS desk that he wrote one of his stories at. And on this desk was a small monkey made of brass. A note attached said Charles Dickens could never write unless that monkey was on the table he would be writing on.

See how one book can not only be good in its self but bring back memories. Besides having a picture of Sinatra of which was a complete surprise. The size of 8x10, the slick paper, the photos , the essays....even the selection of the authors.....everything about this book is exciting to me.

Now eventide and have to confess I, yes me, did two bad things this week end. One, Saturday went to a Garage Sale, the worse part is I brought 'things'. One, a heavy dish with snowmen all around it. I know it's not winter But I love snowmen. My reasoning is it would make a great bird bath for my out door birds. put into my outdoor flower arrangements. It is spring you know. But the good thing is Daryl and I walked to the sale. The second bad thing I did was to go to a library book sale today. And I did find treasures I just could not live without. But good thing I put back some at the end. And we did walk and take photos around the library. Stopped at Danville Cemetery. Daryl took photos but I was too tired and only took one from the car.

Mark e-mailed me today a lot of really great photos he has taken. Now I want to get copies made. Some I'd like to put on here and some on Facebook. I'll try Costco.

It really got warm today. Almost hot. Think summer is not far away although it is suppose to rain this coming Tues. Also on Prime Time day. But we need rain so it is fine with me

Sleepy Time Gal signing off.......yawn. It is not easy having fun you know.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday, Day of Rest

I wake in the morning, peek over the hill and survive my kingdom on Mocking Bird Hill

Tra la, tweetle dee dee, it gives me a thrill to wake up in the morning when everything's still on Mocking Bird Hill......

There is peace and good will in the morning on my Mocking Bird Hill.

Woke up slowing and felt a little stiff from sitting on that chair at the book store last night for an hour. The hour went fast for my brain but my body feels it this morning.

Daryl and I went to hear a talk by Linda Joy Megers about her new book, "The Power of Memory". How interesting and motivating she was. Only six people there but being a Friday night people are busy. The two ladies who were there asked interesting questions and I felt they were writing something. After the program the one lady told me about a writing group in the area that was very good and she thought I would enjoy it. Ok, already I forgot the name but SR Senior center has a writing group on Friday afternoons that does the same thing and I use to attend that and enjoyed it.

Yes, I bought her book and she autographed it and I told her to make it out to Daryl as he was the working writer at the present moment.

She handed out a two pages of ideas, Turning Points-Creating the Arc of Your Memoir, to help us get started. And a card, Be Brave-Write your story National Association of Memoir Writers on the back Learn how to feel empowered with purpose and energy to begin and develop your life stories.

Daryl and I have been interested in getting our life stories together. Even working on turning the dinning room into our work area for this purpose only. Already it is full of old photos and letters and information waiting to be organized.

So the timing of this is perfect.

TO DO Today Write to Linda Joy Meyers.

Since today is Saturday and only plan was to maybe go see the Street Art Faire in Walnut Creek, I was in no hurry to start my day......Yesterday Daryl picked up from the library a DVD I had placed on hold......'The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency' based on the best-selling novels by Alexander McCall Smith of which I have read every book of his in this series. So I put it on and started watching it.....from my bed.....all warm and cozy. What a wonderful and great surprise.....The book became alive!!!!! Usually a movie is not as good as the book but this DVD IS the Book!!!! It captures the characters and setting perfectly. I'm so excited. And this was on HBO so I knew about it but had to wait until this DVD became available. The whole first season is on this one DVD.......some things are better than the 'good old days'.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Chapter One-Page one

Not being a night bird and this is night.....for now I'll say good night Meet again when the Blue of the Night Meets the Gold of the Day......oops, wrong song and wrong singer. How about Put Your Dreams Away For Another Day....YES, that's better.

Paper and ink will meet tomorrow....