Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Back to my books.......and a little rest.

May 11, 2010 Tuesday

Just recovering from my trip out of this world. Eleven days "Pet Sitting"...now some call it work but this one was so different. Three of the cutest doggies I've been set for. And a house with a view that was constantly changing. So much sky. Best thing about these doggies were that they made me laugh. So cute and funny at the same time. Super intelligent.

I never left the house once. But now home for a week and that seems perfect too. A Lovely view out of every window of my home. And surrounded by my Books and things I love.

Needed a few days to rest up and get back into the real world.

And what am I reading during this intermission? A book of Poems by Ted Kooser. "Delights & Shadows" . What caught my attention was a title of a poem in this book, Old Cemetery....wasn't what I thought it would be but now I've read it over several times and now I love it. It starts out
"Somebody has been here this morning
to cut the grass, coming and going unseen......"

and the last three lines are.....

"and then the hear the soft ticking of weeks
springing back, undeterred in the lane
that leads nowhere the dead want to go."

I have caught on to the way this poet thinks and now enjoying each and every one of his thoughtful and beautiful poems. Only 84 pages. This was published 1904. Ted Kooser, Poet Laureate of the United States received the Pulitzer Prize for Delights & Shadows. He has a 'genius for making the ordinary sacramental." Added on last page of the book and not part of the poems...The Chinese character of poetry is made up of two parts: "word" and "temple"

I have a huge stack from the library waiting to be read or perused by me.

But I have fifteen days of sitting ahead of me.......guess what I'll be doing!!

It rained and was a stormy day yesterday...my first day home and I loved it. My kind of weather.

This is May but not what I think of as May weather. The sun is shinning today, there is a healthy breeze blowing but it is chilly.

Better to have too much to do than noting to do.

Wish I could include my favorite shots of the last 11 days on here.

Better get at lease a little done ......

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