Sunday, January 16, 2011

January 16, 2011 Beginning a new year of.....??

Here is it Jan 16th already but the good news is I'm doing my new goals.

But today getting ready for six days of pet sitting starting tomorrow. First thing I pack?...ah yes, my selection of library books to take with me. I only have 48 books checked out and I can't take them all. Most of the books are non-fiction. I could have read a few by the time I put these into order by date and then by what I must cover these six days. Six books for six days? That's what President Kennedy always took with him. But some books I just need to register in my 'Books Read' or copy the most valuable lesson I learned from each book. Maybe I'll list what I'm taking if I find the time.

Yesterday was a preview-spring day in San Ramon, California. Daryl and I went for a photo taking walk in Central Park. Family's, children, dogs, Grandparents actually sitting on the ground on a blanket having a picnic with grandchildren. Not any wind, so I thought, but a young man managed to get his kite up into the air - briefly. A woman sitting on cement wall reading a book. And I did get a good photo of her. (I must learn how to put photos on here) Two girls on a teeter taughter, older, maybe teens on skates. One adult woman on skates in the parking lot by her self. Oh so much going on. I'll have to check my photos.

The city just put in a new playground area with bright painted objects for the children to play on, slides, swings etc. And they were being well used and enjoyed.

Outstanding color of the park.....GREEN. Winter is always green in California.

I found it much easier to walk without a heavy coat on and didn't carry anything but my camera.

From the park we stopped to drop off a couple of DVD's. And to see if anything new that I had on hold came in. Seems there is always something there for me. Last time I picked up my books a woman came up beside me and looked for her hold and then she started to walk off with ONE BOOK....I had to speak up and I asked her "How do you do that? One Book?" She smiled and said 'Self Control". Then a few minutes later another lady came up on the other side of me. Me, I'm still pulling out the books that have the white slip sticking up with my name on it. She was pulling out book after book......I said to her, "Oh, good. I'm not feeling so guilty." She said "that is good we find so many we enjoy. Don't ever feel guilty feel thankfull".

I thought that so interesting, one lady with ONE book and then another lady with arms loaded with books, just like me. I wish I was an artist and could have drawn a cartoon of the event.

Time to stop and get back to packing. Beside books I take a project to work on. Just have to gather it together as I know what that is.