Saturday, September 18, 2010

Foggy Saturday Morning 9/18/10 in Concord

Yesterday is blank. Didn't feel well all day. Did go to Anna's Attic. We get there a half hour before they open and watch the people arrive. They always get out of their cars and walk up to the window and look inside, then try the front door but they don't open until ten am. Some people come to drop items off, they are let in.

Stopped at the Dollar store as this one is nicer than ours. Picked up some more 4x6 cards for my photo books that I have started as an art project. I tell you about that later. I brought some with me so I could make one to take with me to St Charles. They are my inspiration.

Traded beds with Mark last night and slept better. In fact feeling really good this morning. The fog has brought cooler air as I don't do too good in hot days. He got up early with Gordon and Bella so I slept in until seven.

Had found a book at library that I thought was a Agatha Christy mystery but it was just Agatha in the title, "Agatha Raisin and the Terrible Tourist" by MC Beaton. English lady detective so close. It is 5x7 paperback and LARGE PRINT. A comfortable book to hold and read. Went to bed early last night and read half of it. Not one I would recommend but just an easy read.

Yesterday at Anna's Attic found a book, but not the purse I was looking for, "Poems of Joy", poems of inspiration and lovely paintings.

Now today my object is to work on projects I brought. Making the book I mentioned already and addressing and put into the mail.....a card to Chris' new granddaughter, and a card to Chris' son and daughter in law and a birthday to my sister, Lari. Lari keeps telling me she is going to jump out of an airplane on her upcoming 89th birthday and asking if I will do that too. NOOOOO way!!!!

And I want to finish this book and I have four more to read and I can drop them off at Clayton Library before I leave here.

Also today is first day of a 100 day project from the internet on how to make goals work. More about that later.

I think of September as my New Year and love enjoying the whole month as being mine. But this year it is just going too fast. I don't feel in control of it. It is sweeping me along.

Three jobs this month....Taylors', my friend Chris, and next week my friend Jill in St Charles. ALL three are my favorites. So I am not complaining.

Oh, heard from Chris yesterday and it was raining in Seattle. Don't know why she was surprised as it always rains in Washington. smile Also heard from John David in Alaska as I wrote and asked him about weather up there this time of year and he said it was "nippy" as fall was fast approaching. It was August in 1993 that I was in Alaska on 17 day cruise and the weather was perfect.

Not to work.....I'll be back.....

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