Thursday, September 16, 2010

On the job in Concord.....September 16, 2010

Mark woke me up this morning at four am. He just has to turn on the light in my bedroom and that is a gentle awaking. I enjoy waking up slow. Need to be at work at six am. Had coffee and left over brownie from last night. Last sweet for a while. The scales threw a few bad numbers last few days.

Received a call from the Pet Sitting agency with a job from client I sat for last spring. October 8 through Oct 11th. I'll be back by then from St. Charles. I called her back at five this morning and said I could do this.

Chris and Lee were up when Mark and I got here at 5:55 AM. Chris has a new hair do and it is beautiful. Lee was reading the morning paper. Chris had sticky notes every where and I love that. Appreciate too much information than not enough. Chris is so efficient. Gordon had greeted us when we rang the bell with his happy bark. Bella was right there too waiting to investigate us and all things we brought. Cats are so different from anyone else. Pepper came in the house before we left home and checked to see what was going on and then left when we did.

Chris said they had planned on picking up their daughter and son in law as they are going on this trip along with Chris' brother and his wife. But Chris said Rachal called to say they would just meet them at airport as they had four suitcases. This for a ten day cruise to Alaska.

They left as planned at six thirty. I unpacked, sheets and put on our beds, books I brought to read two novels and 2 non fiction, and set up lap top. Went outside....the pool is clear as glass too bad I don't swim. I enjoy sitting by pool anyway.

At nine thirty drove over to Anna's Attic....thrift store. Looking for a purse for trip to St Charles next week. Wanted an outside zipper pocket, zipper main section, and over the head strap. They had lots of purses but not that one. She said to come back tomorrow as they get things in every day. I did find a cap like I wanted in case it is cold back in the mid west. It has San Francisco on is a carpenters union label. But the cap is black and fits perfectly. I got it.

Stopped at Lucky's grocery store and got food for next three days. Frozen pot pies, a bag of bananas for $1.49, some fresh veggies to snack on, a fried chicken, bread and baloney for sandwiches, milk, cereal, think that was about all....oh, cranberry juice.

Got back and Gordon was all happy to see us and wiggled all over as he gets a treat when his family goes away and comes back. Bella came and checked us out again and walked off with her tail straight up in the air. Now they are taking a nap and so is Mark. I'm ready for nap also. the Hills are so beautiful here and look so close. Well, they are close. And I can see a few while skinny clouds in the sky approaching . I'll check in later after nap....

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