Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oct 24 2010 Sunday

So much for photos. I think people who work computers well receive special blessings from a Saint that I haven't found yet. Maybe Saint Abby from NCIS.

Wanted to share the Danville Artist Street Fair from yesterday with photos but ....they disappeared.

Today was quiet except for Peppermint over attentiveness this morning. Not sure if it was because of the rain or that he knows I'll be leaving again.

The Fair yesterday was so much fun. The big white tents, talking to the dealers, all the people with dogs, children dressed up for Halloween, merchants handing out trick or treats to the children, the over cast sky, And dogs, dogs, dogs......All well mannered and behaved.

Never got tired during the walk as so much to see and people to talk to. Only thing I saw that I would have bought if not so expensive was a frog reading a book.

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