Sunday, April 25, 2010

Some Sunday Morning I'm going to.......

Is it still April? Somehow this month is vague and far away . Keep thinking it is May. Even with the April showers.

There is NOTHING more exciting to me than a BOOK. This morning while going through my library books to check and see if anything due back......I came to the bottom of the stack ..... this was the largest sized book so only reason it was on the bottom. "How I Write, The Secret Lives of Authors Edited by Dan Crowe. No picture on the white cover just the title and on the left side a long list of authors. Turned it over and on the white cover it has "Read me!" Inside fly cover, "I had a close look at my desk just now and realized that it just wasn't designed for quality writing." Franz Kafka's diary, 24 December 1910

My poor, over populated, desk isn't designed for anything.

Each page I turned was grabbing me. Short essays by authors with photos of the object they are telling about that inspires them to write. I come to the center of the book and who jumps out at me???? Frank Sinatra! The last person, or picture, I expected to see. It is Mr Sinatra's 'in the wee small hours' album The writing on the page across from it is by author Neil LaBute and why this inspires him.

Talk about getting excited. WOW. Made my day. Now I'm awake.

Love BOOKS. All kinds. When I have time I will catalyze my types of books. Too much energy to do it right now. Need to be calm .

This book brought to my mind the time I was in London. Visited one of Charles Dickens' homes and in an empty room was HIS desk that he wrote one of his stories at. And on this desk was a small monkey made of brass. A note attached said Charles Dickens could never write unless that monkey was on the table he would be writing on.

See how one book can not only be good in its self but bring back memories. Besides having a picture of Sinatra of which was a complete surprise. The size of 8x10, the slick paper, the photos , the essays....even the selection of the authors.....everything about this book is exciting to me.

Now eventide and have to confess I, yes me, did two bad things this week end. One, Saturday went to a Garage Sale, the worse part is I brought 'things'. One, a heavy dish with snowmen all around it. I know it's not winter But I love snowmen. My reasoning is it would make a great bird bath for my out door birds. put into my outdoor flower arrangements. It is spring you know. But the good thing is Daryl and I walked to the sale. The second bad thing I did was to go to a library book sale today. And I did find treasures I just could not live without. But good thing I put back some at the end. And we did walk and take photos around the library. Stopped at Danville Cemetery. Daryl took photos but I was too tired and only took one from the car.

Mark e-mailed me today a lot of really great photos he has taken. Now I want to get copies made. Some I'd like to put on here and some on Facebook. I'll try Costco.

It really got warm today. Almost hot. Think summer is not far away although it is suppose to rain this coming Tues. Also on Prime Time day. But we need rain so it is fine with me

Sleepy Time Gal signing off.......yawn. It is not easy having fun you know.

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